Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Honda Odyssey have two variant

Honda Odyssey
These two variants of Honda Odyssey Newest. Honda Motor Co, launched the All New Odyssey and Odyssey Absolute. As quoted from the pages of Japan Today, the fifth generation of the Odyssey, Odyssey offers a premium car quality, comfortable and spacious room for all three rows of passengers in the car.

This car has a platform and a new drive. Quality, fuel usage, exterior design, interior, utility and safety performance, all-new Honda Odyssey is claimed to be better than its predecessor.

The all-new Honda Odyssey platform using sliding doors and low floors, with a high roof and a floor lower than the previous model. As a result, the room in the car more comfortable than its predecessor without compromising the ability and the stability of the vehicle that makes the generation Odyssey is known. In the second row, the seat made ​​comfortable and luxurious with large sliding doors plus a foothold in the door with a height of nearly 30 cm makes it easy to enter and exit. The Honda Odyssey Absolute comes the new engine the 2.5 L DOHC i - VTEC engine with direct fuel injection.